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New Trucking Ventures

Are you just starting your company or planning to do so soon? Reliance Partners specializes in insuring new venture trucking companies. We have several programs that have been designed for trucking companies that will allow start-ups to pinpoint the most appropriate market. 

Owner/Operator coverage

There are special insurance coverages needed with respect to owner-operators. It is important to differentiate between the different types of coverages based on whether an owner-operator is leased to a motor carrier versus operating under their own authority.

Lease Operator coverage

When an owner-operator is leased to a motor carrier, they are typically covered under the trucking company’s auto liability insurance. It is important that the owner-operator understands this coverage is typically only enforced when under a load or dispatch

Commercial Fleet

We proud to support our local business community. We’ve served as a true partner in meeting the goals of businesses that contribute to the economy right here at home, providing our neighbors with not only outstanding services but also job opportunities.

Cargo Insurance

Motor truck cargo insurance is insurance designed to cover the liability of the motor carrier for destruction, damage, or other loss of the customer’s property being shipped. There are many different types and coverages of motor truck cargo available.

Occupational Accident Policies

Occupational Accident Insurance is a type of contingent liability insurance that provides coverage for the owner-operator who may be leased onto a motor carrier. The coverage can be purchased by the owner-operator or the motor carrier but acts as a safeguard for a fleet.

Non-Trucking Liability

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance will pay for property damage or bodily injury in the event of an accident when the driver/truck is not under dispatch and on personal time. The coverage can apply with or without a trailer and is in the form of an endorsement on a commercial policy.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage not only provides medical care for your employees’ work-related injuries and illnesses, but also wage replacement benefits, vocational rehabilitation and other assistance.

General Liability

General liability (GL) is important coverage that provides protection for your business for any property damage or bodily injury that might occur, not involving a truck. General liability also can provide premises coverage used for business.

Business Owner Policies (BOP)

Business owners have a lot to consider when choosing insurance that fully protects their business. One coverage option, a business owners policy (BOP), can take the guesswork out of the process. A BOP bundles several types of coverage in one package, similar to the way a homeowners policy works

Personal Auto

Too often, we’re contacted by drivers who do not understand what their liability limits mean, haven’t taken advantage of discounts that are available to them, or didn’t have time to shop for coverage that best fits their situation.  Let us help you understand your coverage options and shop your insurance through the relationships we have with the top-rated auto insurance carriers which saves you time and could save you money.


Protecting your home from fire, robbery, flood, and all sorts of other calamities and untoward incidents is important. Whether the property is your primary residence, rental property that you own, an apartment or house that you rent, or vacant property, we have coverage solutions for you.  Contact us today to find the perfect home insurance or renters insurance policy that fits your needs.  Don’t forget to ask us about multi-policy discounts and Umbrella coverage!

Life Insurance

There are many uses for life insurance in addition to providing for your loved ones.  From having access to cash if you have a chronic illness, having another source of income, protecting your business, and more, we’ll leverage our relationships with the top insurance carriers in the industry to develop a plan that works for you.  Also, in many cases, life insurance protection is much more economical than many people tend to believe.  We welcome having a discussion with anyone who is considering life insurance protection or just wants to know if the plan they have in place is right for their suituation.  Use the button below for our self service term insurance quotes or use our contact form to get in touch with us today!

Request a Quote

Getting a quote for insurance coverage that fits your needs is free, and the actual cost of a coverage may be less expensive than you can imagine. For quotes on life, auto, home and business insurance products, contact us today. A licensed sales professional will get back to you quickly to walk you through your coverage options.

More Than 28 Years of Experience in the Insurance Industry

Leveraging our more than two decades of experience, we help our clients get the best insurance plan possible. As independent insurance professionals, we’re able to provide insurance services to a wide range of clients in various situations and through the top insurance companies in the industry.